Loving these elegant images taken of Cambridge. Brings back fond memories of walks in the park along the river and the beautiful old buildings.

snowy mountains

for most all over the world, snow is just a simple change of season! South Africans take sudden drives into the country to find a smidgen of snow, hanging on the last, highest slopes. The Witzenberg mountains are the closest to Cape Town and in 2 hours snowmen can be built….


growing fresh and beautiful in the crisp winter sun on the West Coast. Covered in salty crystals collected off the misty sea breeze overnight, gorgeous leaves in jewels for the daytime party..

burnt umber

deep burnt orange, umber and chocolate browns in our winter skies. Crisp, edgy and glowing with the promise of warmth. Winter brings on clear unadulterated colour and edge to landscapes that in summer are hazy and sweltering. Bring these colours into your lounge with rich chocolate velvets and burnt orange silks to recreate what nature so easily does.

the beauty of linen beautifully displayed on a Saturday farmers market! As only the French can do so elegantly! I love the texture, the fall and the colour of pure linen.